J is for Japan

This year we’ve galloped the globe and visited China, Russia, Israel, Ireland, and Japan.  What a homeschooling experience!  Ok, so we didn’t really go to any of these places, but we checked out some books at the library.  Same thing.

We recently finished our unit on Japan (using a lot of awesome Galloping the Globe ideas from Homeschool Creations‘ site).  We read a ton of literature books, hunted for facts using the ol’ Google, learned how to do origami, and went on a field trip.  I thought it would’ve been a cool idea to go downtown for the Cherry Blossom Festival (I’ve lived near DC my entire life and have never done this!) but it didn’t work out.  So we opted for a field trip at a park that has a Japanese garden and tea house.  My friend, Seiko (who is actually from Japan) and her kids met us for the afternoon and we had a great time.


4 thoughts on “J is for Japan

  1. LOVE it! I want to do more stuff like this, Geography centric, next school year… Any tips? Do you feel the site you used could be adapted for any age range?

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