Stories About Anna

H is for Hodge Podge

Am I on the letter H?  I’ve lost track, I’m sorry.  Here’s something I don’t think I’ve shared.  The story of The Hodge Podge.  Not only was this my name until I got married but it was my dream when I was a kid.  I wanted to open up my own card and gift shop when I grew up that would’ve been exactly like where Tootie and Natalie worked on The Facts of Life.  Either I watched too much TV in the 80’s (yes) or I thought ladies named Edna just handed you stores like that (complete with an adorable George Clooney on staff), but it was going to be bright and cheerful and make millions. I had a jingle for it.

A jingle I sang in front of Anna’s family the night we met them for the first time.  You know, the night when you want to make the best impression because you were hoping to adopt her unborn child.  But me?  I broke out into a JINGLE that I made up when I was 12.  At the dinner table.  Special.

H is for Mike’s reaction.  Hiding under the table.

(Max is gonna love that punch line.  That was for him.  The rest of you, please bear with me.  This alphabet meme is harder than it seems.)

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!


5 thoughts on “H is for Hodge Podge

  1. Of course it would have lots and lots of Suzie Zoo, right?
    Love it! Hey ! I am catching up with you. I did letter G tonight. 🙂

  2. “Hodge Podge, a little bit of everything!” Did I get that correct!? You fit right in with this family… NONE of us have ever busted out into song and dance in front of someone important or in the middle of a public place… (Wait, do I hear clean up on isle 10 because AUDREY was doing turns in the aisle… G2G!) 😉

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