Tiny Talk Tuesday

Tiny Talk Tuesday

My sister lives in North Carolina and her neighborhood was hit by the tornados over the weekend, including their own property. Their backyard patio structure came down and they lost siding and shingles from the house.  Thankfully, the pergola blew over in the opposite direction of the windows to the house and, most importantly, her family is safe and sound.

I explained to Max and Mini that their cousins had a tornado and that their backyard got messed up, close to their garden.  Soon after all the questions were answered we stopped to pray for them.

This morning Mini (3) wanted to talk about it again.  She wanted to talk about the “big tomato in their garden.”

Tomato, Tornado…

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9 thoughts on “Tiny Talk Tuesday

  1. I’m so glad your family is safe. When I was a kid, every spring we would have tornado warnings galore. They scared me to death (still do). That is also one of the reasons I never liked The Wizard of Oz. (That’s a whole different story!)

    I bet that tomato in their garden made some pretty awesome salsa! 🙂

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