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G is for Good

Tuesdays are good days.  I have loved spending Tuesday mornings at the library with Max.  He loves it too, which is such a great thing to witness in an active, video-game-and-TV-loving 8 year old boy.  He has 5 minutes to look for books as soon as we arrive and he usually comes back with a stack of them.  Once we get started homeschooling, we spend about 30 minutes on social studies, science, and reading a fiction book together.  Then he has another 5 minute break and brings back more books to check out.  He spends the rest of the time working on language arts and math, which he does independently while I do some reading of my own.  This is good homeschooling, if you ask me.

Then we go out on a lunch date.  That’s always good, in my opinion.  I love the good conversations that take place.  Sometimes it’s super quiet.  That’s perfectly fine, too.  I’ve learned that boys are generally grateful for this. 🙂

While studying it up at the library and eating up some good fast food (is there such a thing? Of course.  We went to Chick-fil-A and it was their pleasure to serve us), this week Mini was having an Easter party at Mother’s Day Out.

Mother’s Day Out is good.  So, so good.

What else is good?  Having a way to talk about the Easter story that helps kids to understand it on their level.  We made a set of Resurrection Eggs at MOPS this week and Mini has been so interested in them.

Mostly interested in grabbing the eggs out of the carton, opening them up, scattering the items all over the floor, and hiding the stone from me so I can’t find it ANYWHERE.  But it’s all good.

On that note, I have a cluttered and dirty home to clean that would never be featured in a magazine like Good Housekeeping.  I better get back to the daily grind.  Good night.


4 thoughts on “G is for Good

  1. I’m sorry we couldn’t join you for lunch on Tuesday. Max was so sweet offering to let us sit with you guys. And Madeline keeps wanting to throw the stone around our house too.

  2. Such goodness! your library schooling is very interesting to me! i need to do more out of the house schooling. at least one day a week we need to do normal school stuff elsewhere. Vital for sanity or something!

    So jealous you have CFA…

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