Stories About Anna

F is for

F is for Food.  Faith.  Fun.  Friends.  Family.  Fellowship. All the good stuff in life.

F is for Friday nights and flour covering the kitchen floor as I try to get faster and more efficient at making pizza.  It’s always a fun mess.

F is for fashionista.

F is for fajitas.  I took this picture of this wonderful splash of color a long time ago but I never found that perfect post to work it in.  Until now. 🙂

F is for futile. That organizing frenzy I had in February?  Forget it, I shouldn’t have brought it up.

F is for funny.  A trip to Ikea to kill time allowed me to follow Mini and watch what she does with very few boundaries.

F is for Faces.  Just an ordinary moment at the table and not the greatest photography, but I’m in love with these pictures.  Probably because I’m in love with these faces.

Finally, F is for Fairy Tale.  Hope you enjoy this story time with Mini.  I took this on Saturday night after the 5K and I was so tired that she decided to read to me, instead.  Good thing I had the camera nearby.  I hope you get a laugh out of this.  I love how she calls the book “I Will Dance With” instead of Cinderella.  She also refers to the prince as “The Prince Never Knew.”  Obviously, Steven Curtis Chapman’s song is causing some confusion over the original story line.


5 thoughts on “F is for

  1. I must say, she is a fashionista! I love the story and how she licked her finger to turn the page but turned it with the other hand!!! Poor Cinderella had to do the cleaning and SCRUBBING! What a cutie!

  2. She is so adorable! We love Steven Curtis Chapman’s song too, I can see why that is a little confusing for the Cinderella story! 🙂

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