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E is for Express Lane

E is for Express Lane.  Life is going fast and there’s no time to put on the brakes.  It seems that not only are the days filled with activities, but each hour is spoken for.  It’s just a busy season, that’s all.  I’ve got to relax, let some expectations go (for a clean house, perfect menu, to-do lists completed) and pray for God to help me find the margin I need so that I don’t get overwhelmed.

E is for Ellie.  She was our first child, our sweet beagle for 7 years.  We got her at the humane society after two failed adoption attempts of a Rottweiler that we named Grace and a golden retriever mix that we named Sunny.  I had forgotten how disappointed we felt when things didn’t work out.  Grace and Sunny weren’t meant to be our dogs, but Ellie was.  She was perfect for us.  A funny little beagle that kept her nose to the ground during her walks and howled after rabbits in the summer evenings.  If we saw a rabbit off in the distance in a field, we’d purposely run in that direction just to hear her go crazy.  Cheap entertainment!  I miss Ellie a lot, especially while reading or watching TV at night.  She used to make her blanket all comfy in the corner and snooze the night away.  I even miss her snoring.  I really miss seeing Max play with her.  She was very tolerant.

E is for Ecstatic.  I ran my first 5K today and I finished it!  What a sense of accomplishment!  I’m not sure what my official time is yet from the microchip, but according to the clock at the finish line I ran it in 32:47.  I was hoping for less than 36 minutes so needless to say, I was excited!

It was wonderful running the 5K with two good friends, Trisha and Julie.  They made the course of “rolling hills” and one doozie of an incline at Mile 2 seem easier, for sure!

The only sad part about today was that the race was called the Azalea Classic, named for the abundance of pink, white, red, and purple bushes that line the beautifully historic neighborhood.  Except here’s the thing.  Not one azalea was in bloom yet.

Too early.


4 thoughts on “E is for Express Lane

  1. Wow!! What a great race you had!! Can’t wait to hear the “official” time! I would be ECSTATIC if my time were anywhere close to 33 minutes! How exciting…but it is a bummer that the flowers weren’t in bloom yet!
    What a great doggie to be so patient with Max!! ENJOY the rest of your weekend!

  2. You look awesome! Congrats on the 5K! I am considering one in July 🙂 Hope to beat my “old” time 🙂

    Love your ABC’s so far. I think my fave is fashionista picture 🙂

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