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The Letter C – Continued

The Letter C is for cheering! I ran 3.48 (let’s just call it a half, shouldn’t we?) miles this morning and made it door-to-door in 40 minutes.  C is for celebrating and couldn’t-care-less-ing (yes, that’s a real phrase) of showing you this picture.  I did it!

On my run I thought about other words that begin with C that tell a little something about myself.

C is for Chris Tomlin, my favorite running partner.  I know a lot of the lyrics to his uptempo tunes and they definitely keep me in a happy place.  It was a great time of worship for me.  I prayed about being thankful for time alone outside, having a break from the kids, and seeing His creation all around me.  The birds were singing this morning, I loved it.

C is for Candy.  Okay, that was a sudden change of subject, but I enjoy how this alphabet meme allows that.  Mike and I are organizing an appreciation dinner for 80 people at church tomorrow night and the decorating theme I decided on was candy and sweets.  How fun is that?  Candy is a colorful and cheap way to decorate tables (and, yes, I’ve missed it in my life).  I ordered cupcakes for dessert and will also use them as the centerpieces for the table.  I made cupcake pedestals with funky colorful cups from Target and thought they turned out really cute.

Candy will be sprinkled around the tables and each place setting will have a goody bag for people to fill, if they want.  I ordered these cute stickers from etsy, too.

We want it to be a great night, but definitely wanted to spend most of our budget on having a nice meal, not necessarily the most elaborate decorations.  But I think people will enjoy the theme and I know they’ll love being together most of all.  It’s great to have a chance to show how much we appreciate the volunteers in our student ministries.  We are so blessed!


8 thoughts on “The Letter C – Continued

  1. Wow!! What a great pace and amazing job you did!! You look great especially after running 3.5 miles in 40 minutes!! Can I just say I’m so jealous of you?!! You look great even after running!! You are gonna rock that race!!

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