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B is for Baylor

If you missed my Letter A post, I’m starting to participate in an alphabet meme to help get back to posting everyday.  Don’t you want to join in on the fun?  Even Max is doing it on his blog.  Who’da thought it would turn into a great homeschooling thing for us?

B is for Baylor.  I only applied to one school and that school was Baylor University.  My brother and sister went there, along with an unpredictable crowd of friends from our church.  Our church in Maryland, of all places.  Far, far away from Waco, TX.  The Baylor ties were strong, though, and I didn’t dream of going anywhere else.

Regretfully, I only spent my freshman year at Baylor, but it was such a great time.  I made some close friends and I was, surprisingly, self-disciplined in my studies.  I was a business major, loving the fact that I was the only girl in my dorm that didn’t have to be tortured through organic chemistry.  It seemed like everyone was Pre-Med (at least for the first semester).  Life was pretty good and I came home with a better GPA than I ever got in high school.  I doubt that would’ve been the case had I stayed the remaining 5 1/2 years until graduation, as I’m sure the courses would’ve increased in difficulty, but it sure was a boost to my academic confidence.

Until Business Law II.  That was the last college course (here in MD) I took and ended up dropping.  The end.  Well, I hope it’s not the end, actually.  Perhaps someday I’ll be able to go back and earn my degree.

Finally, B is for Biggest Loser. Are you watching this season? Mike’s granddad and I are 🙂  I’ll have to give him a call to find out who he thinks will win the $250,000.  For the longest time I thought it was going to be Rulon, but Tuesday night he was found out to be eating bags of tortilla chips late at night. Oh, no, no.  Big mistake.  Not that I know anything about it, but tortilla chips don’t boost your metabolism like one would hope.

But wouldn’t that be nice?


2 thoughts on “B is for Baylor

  1. What a great choice for college you made even if it was only for a short time. LOVE Biggest Loser !! It’s the only tv show I make a point of watching! Aas for who will win? I’m thinking Moses or Courtney…they both seem to be 100% dedicated to meeting their goals.

  2. I’m not a Biggest-Loser-watcher, but, um, I, well…I loved Business Law. There, I said it. I’m a nerd.

    I didn’t know you were only at Baylor for one year. This is a fun meme – it’s fun to learn more about you! If I can ever figure out what’s wrong with my blog, maybe I’ll actually get to do this meme someday, too! 🙂

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