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Humor In My Day

I put in a workout dvd today and Mini joined me instead of watching Diego.  She wanted weights but mine are oh-so-heavy (you know it! I’m a beast with my 4 lb weights!) so she ran for a couple of bananas from the kitchen instead.

Couldn’t stop laughing when she started doing bicep curls with them.


I asked Max why he never wants to eat yogurt when I offer it to him.  He used to eat it all the time so I was wondering what was up.  He said, “I don’t like it anymore.  I’m retired from yogurt.”


A friend gave me a whole bunch of workbooks for preschool and Mini looked them over carefully throughout the day.  While I was cooking dinner I overheard her “doing science” in the living room by the window.  I tiptoed to get a picture of her little reading spot.  How funny it was to see this expression.  She looks a little annoyed that I disturbed her learning!

It just makes me laugh.  She is so dramatic.


2 thoughts on “Humor In My Day

  1. Too funny – Max retired from yogurt!
    You’ve got 4 lb weights? you are awesome! Mine are only 3!! You know bananas can be pretty heavy!!

    That Other Kid seems to be retired from nearly all foods right now!

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