Blog, You Are Four

My blog turned 4 years old the other day.  I just need to take a minute to take that in and realize that 4 years of my life is written out right here.  Funny to think back to what life was like in March 2007.  I desperately needed a place to write about our adoption and how difficult the wait had been.  I can’t believe God’s sovereignty in that during the first two weeks of blogging, we found out we were chosen to adopt a baby.   Only 11 days later, we found out it wasn’t meant to be, yet He had already provided a place for healing.  Then we’d go through that again several months later.  Blogging quickly became a place where I felt I could share my heart, bleeding right in front of people sometimes, and move on and forward through the clickity clack of the keyboard.

I have enjoyed this little blog so much.  It’s been way more than just a hobby.  It’s been a means to finding out who I am and who I am not and accepting that, in a sense.  I have started posts that began entirely differently than how they ended up and in the process of that one post, I had an “oh, THAT’s how I feel” or “God, you just did something in my heart here” moment.  In the time that I’ve had this blog, I’ve seen God work in my life – miraculously – through Mini’s adoption (another amazing adoption for us, hallelujah!),  homeschooling, parenting, marriage, becoming a pastor’s wife, healing from a broken foot that was really a broken spirit, improving my health, and gaining much-needed self esteem from a few lunges, squats, planks and bicep curls.  And salads.

It’s been fun to show the side of me that sees light and humor through almost every situation.  But I hope what God has done in my life – that which He has used for me to go deeper with Him – is what I remember most about these last 4 years.  He has used it all and I’m so glad I have Him in my life.

Being a mom is the most precious thing to me and I love sharing stories about my kids, taking goofy imperfect pictures, and keeping a family album through blogging.  I’ve loved meeting other women who blog and reading their stories – they have inspired me in countless ways.   And how can I thank you enough for your comments?  To those of you who leave comments often, I am so thankful for our friendships that have grown through back and forth emails and reading your own blogs.  But even if you’ve never commented or you just pop in to say hello once in a while, I love that.  Keep reading!  God has more work to do in me and I still need a place to share and as you feel comfortable, let me know if it strikes a chord with what you’re going through in life.

Or if you just want to say hee hee.  Because I do love to share the pictures that make me giggle.

Geez.  Not only does a princess have to serve herself but there’s nothing good in the fridge!

Isn’t blogging fun?  Thanks for reading, friends.


7 thoughts on “Blog, You Are Four

  1. Yay! I love your blog too. I feel like I know you in a way I never would have and I love reading your thoughts and seeing your pictures.

    Our blog just turned two and I like to think about all those memories that would otherwise be lost and pictures that would be wasted sitting on our computer. It makes me happy to know that those pictures and stories are now preserved. I know someday I’ll laugh, and cry like a baby, as I read the stories of my children and our lives together when they were young.

    Yay for blogging!

  2. Yes, yay for blogging! Wow, I can’t believe you’ve been blogging for 4 years – I think I found you probably about, um, 3 1/4 years ago….isn’t that amazing! I’ve loved all your wonderful pictures, reading about your sweet family’s journeys, and becoming bloggy friends. 🙂 One thing I’m hoping to learn is how to process and ponder and grow more through blogging. Here’s to another 4 years (and more)!

  3. This post was awesome (but what else is new! :))! It’s so cool to look back and see the ups and downs, good and bad. God has been faithful through it all. So thankful to know you and be encouraged and inspired by your blog and life!

  4. Where has the time gone?!?! Four years???!?! Really?!!? Sometimes I notice the archive on my sidebar and think about so much life (and junk too) stored there and I get a little misty.

    I remember reading about your journey as it unfolded and was all goosebumpy from seeing God’s hand at work.

    Bloggy friends are real friends too. 🙂

    Loved Mini’s dress-up attire–too bad she had to retrieve her own juice. It builds character though.

  5. Love Mini’s dress!! I’m so glad you started blogging and through that I have gotten to “know” you!! You are an awesome mom and I’m happy to call you my friend!!

  6. As you know I LOVE your blogs 🙂 in the past 4 months (give or take) I’ve almost caught up to real life! Its going to be so weird only reading one of your blogs a day instead of about 30 a day/hour lol. 🙂 keep writing and preparing that book 🙂

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