Tiny Talk Tuesday

Catching Up. Starting with Tiny Talk Tuesday.

When my mommy sat down to catch up on the blog (did you miss her as much as she missed you?  please say yes), she couldn’t even remember what we’ve been up to since her last post.

I mean, we know the week must’ve been good.  We always have a good time around here.

But DURN.  What did we do?  We were so busy that she didn’t have time to blog.  And the time flew by so fast that she can’t remember anything we did.

Well, duh.  She can’t remember because she didn’t blog.

Uh.  Maybe she should just look at her camera.  That always reminds her.


And when she did, she found these gems to share for Tiny Talk Tuesday.  The first video is of Mini singing Steven Curtis Chapman’s song, Cinderella, that Mike has started playing on his guitar for her.  I love how she messes up the lyrics and goes right into another familiar song.

The second stream of video clips is of News Reporter Max.  Remember him?  We recently went back to this old blog post when he broke the story that Mike was going to change careers and go into youth ministry.  After watching those old video clips (which are hysterical), News Reporter Max quickly returned to the scene with his Happy Meal microphone.  Makes me laugh out loud, especially hearing his own theme song.

Hope these give you a laugh, too.

For more Tiny Talk Tuesday, visit Mary’s blog at Not Before 7.


4 thoughts on “Catching Up. Starting with Tiny Talk Tuesday.

  1. Love the videos!! Love the song Mini sang for us and Max’ news report that he kept trying to involve Mini in!! Was he holding the camera?? It reminded me of when my son holds the camera~~

  2. Crackin’ up at those pictures of Mini – too cute! Yes, we did miss her mommy! And love how she kept calling Max “ma’am” during his news report. 🙂

  3. PRECIOUS! I don’t know if you knew this, but in 2001 my Dad worked on a special Christmas gift for each of us girls. He hand picked our songs (the ones to be danced together at our weddings) and made cards with the lyrics printed on them. He had picked a different song for Audrey, but when “Cinderella” came out, it was only perfect to change her to song to that one. So, “Cinderella” is a special song in this house, especially between my Dad and Audrey. And I LOVE to watch kids play, what a hilarious duo you have! haha

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