Adoption (Open)

Open Adoption Communication

We had a special Skype call with Mini’s birth family tonight.

I was a little jittery, and stuffed my face with jelly beans for the minutes leading up to the call, mostly because I have an occasional allergy to small talk and hello?  Pleeease, kids, be on your best behavior.  But I dearly love these people and I think they know the real us.  Yeah, I’m pretty convinced they do.

I love, love, love how happy they were to see both Mini and Max.  The serious expression on Mini’s face in the third photo is a little misleading because she was quite joyful and social (especially when waving Bunny in front of the camera), but Max’s expression is spot on.  They enjoy Max’s cut-up personality (no allergy to small talk for him) and we all laughed when Anna’s dad asked how school was going.  Max answered, “goin’ goooood, my man.”

This was our first Skype call.  Gathering 9 people and one dog around two laptops across the wires (wirelesses? I don’t even know) is challenging because we tried so hard not to talk over each other and the kids were so enthralled with seeing themselves on video.  But it was really fun and meaningful.  If I didn’t have the craziness of kids bopping around, I would’ve been choked up, but afterwards the weight of such a moment was present in my heart.  We didn’t actually have a full conversation but I don’t think it mattered – I think it was just nice to “meet” Mini as a 3 year old now and get to know each other a little bit more.

She wanted to know their favorite colors.  One by one, she asked them; it was very sweet.  Also, while we were waiting for them to call, Mini drew a picture that she wanted to show on the screen.  I’ll be sending it in the mail.

It was a neat – neat! – experience for us.


11 thoughts on “Open Adoption Communication

  1. I think I have an allergy to small talk too. I just wasn’t born with the gift of gab, LOL! (I am much better in print, which I think is why I like to blog.)

  2. Fun, Fun, Fun with a capital F!!! My heart is overflowing with joy and love. I have to admit I was a little teary when Mini’s adorable smile came into view. I think Max will always make me laugh. One of the best parts was how excited they got when Mike came home so he could talk to us too.

    Ain’t technology grand??? 🙂 Love you all.

  3. This is just so precious and uplifting 🙂 What a blessed sight it is to see many smiles and hear about the love and laughter. Very heart warming.

  4. It was SO fantastic to see you all! Your kids are constantly making me laugh, and Max’s comment to my Dad was PRICELESS! What a blessing it will be to have Skype and keep in contact from so far away. We love you!!! Hoping you can meet Jesse the next time around, he is anxious to see all of you! 😀

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