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Aprons, Cherry Pie in a Bowl, and a Special Visitor

I can’t tell you how many times this week I’ve started a blog post but ended up closing the laptop and walking away to do something else entirely.  It may be due to the fact that Mini is SO VERY BUSY that I’m spinning around in circles during the day and plumb worn out by the time she finally falls asleep at night.

I bought this apron from a seller on Etsy and I love how she sewed it so Mini can put it on herself.  It slips on easily over her head – with no ties – and has a Velcro side.

At first Mini didn’t want to slow down and notice my suggestion to wear it, but one day I wore my apron too and that’s all it took for her to think it was the best thing ever.  Of course, that’s because it was then HER idea.

It’s fun to watch Mini put it on to play with her kitchen stuff and wear it to help me make sandwiches or pizza.

She suddenly wants to help me do everything in the kitchen.  Exhausting!  Small area!  No counter space!  Clutter! Hold me!  My dad came to visit on Wednesday and Mini and I tried making a cherry o’cream pie together.  It was a bit of a disaster but the apron at least matched the picture on the pie filling.  And my dad enjoyed the “cherry pudding” as he innocently called it.  lol  I wish I got a picture of Mini beaming over how proud she was to help.

Instead, I captured memories of her showing Grandad her box of art projects and saved greeting cards, enthusiastically sharing her love of fragrant tulips, and the two of them watching an episode of Diego.

Max was bouncing with excitement and acting out in other ways that tired me out (you can see it in his eyes, can’t ya?) but he also loved showing Grandad his favorite things.  That afternoon the door bell rang and a familiar box was at the front door with the new Brickmaster set to build.  How much fun was that?

We enjoyed Grandad’s company, went for a walk, and had a gourmet feast for dinner: grilled cheese, chicken noodle soup, and salad before rushing off to Awana.

Thanks for stopping by, Grandad!  We love you!

p.s.  have you seen these butterfly jars?  Aunt Valerie gave one to Mini for her birthday and they are the coolest thing ever.  Everyone is fooled in thinking the butterfly is real, even my dad at first.  Max has had the best time with that.



2 thoughts on “Aprons, Cherry Pie in a Bowl, and a Special Visitor

  1. Owww… that apron would be perfect for preschool. I wouldn’t have to help put it on the house center ladies and tie it. Making a mental note….

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