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My friend, Naomi, did an AMAZING photo shoot with Mini last week.  As soon as she sent me the first proof, I couldn’t wait to share them!  Isn’t the jar of jelly beans adorable??  And Mini’s toes! Oh my gosh, her toes.  I think it is well documented how much I love her little feet.

Naomi is more than just talent behind the lens of a camera.

She is a busy mom of two (and one on the way!) and is following her relatively-new passion of photography to a professional level.  Which is where she totally belongs, her eye for a great shot is amazing.  She captures playful, artistic, and beautiful portraits of wiggly 3 year olds and knows exactly how to do it.

She also has a fantastic personal assistant.

Oliver is not only the stylist behind Naomi Glenn Photography, but he sticks by her side at all times like only the best assistants in the biz do.

And he shares his nursery, too.

Thank you, Naomi, for spending all morning with us last week.  You are a great friend and you gave me such a treasure in these photos.  Now the hard part for me begins…choosing which ones I love the best.

Can Oliver help me with that?

To see more favorites, check out Naomi’s blog.


9 thoughts on “Cuteness

  1. I love the behind the scene shots. And how Oliver loves brushing his hair with a purple brush. Maybe he will get a little brother so he can have a little more boy influence. Or maybe he could just hang out with Max for a little bit. Thanks for your sweet words. I consider you a great friend as well!

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