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Why I Love Martial Arts for Kids

Mike and Max have been learning Kung Fu for a year and a half now.  I am so proud of Max for all that he’s accomplished since the beginning.  He’s a gold sash now!  When he started, he couldn’t do a jumping jack without falling over.  Not because he didn’t have the ability to do a jumping jack, but because he’d leap and shoot forward with his entire body just for the fun of it.  Wearing a huge smile and having SO much fun!

Max has always been this way and I love his zeal, but he has some sensory integration issues that needed to be, um, worked out.   We thought martial arts would be a great place to learn how to do that.  Man, have we seen huge benefits in things like improved coordination, listening skills, body/space awareness, self-control, team playing, the list goes on and on. Obviously, a big fan here.  And it’s crossed over into many areas including school.

Master Joe, who is the owner and lead teacher for the classes, is a great coach.  He leads teams at international competitions and then comes home to teach 5-10 year olds the next week.  He has the right combination of knowledge, experience, and heart for kids like Max.  He loves my son’s spirit but still sets the bar high, based on the potential he saw from the beginning.  Standing at well over 6 foot-tree something, his demeanor is a bit intimidating in a good way.

This week I had a proud mom moment when I came to pick up Max from class (Mike stays until later).  One of the parents came in to watch the kids and I guess she hasn’t been there in a while.  “Who’s that kid?” she asked to Master Joe.  She remembered Max but couldn’t believe he was the same boy she watched months earlier.  He told us that night that Max has improved “1,000 percent.”  What a huge compliment that was!

Max, you are doing so great!  You work hard to practice your skills and I’m so glad you have fun, too.  All the games, especially a game of Dodgeball, make some of those stretches you don’t like as much worth it!  You’ve always had a ton of confidence, but now added to it you have drive and determination and a new interest in sports.  Mom and Dad are so proud of you and we believe that you can do anything through Christ who strengthens you!

The pictures below are ones I forgot to show you from a long time ago.  Just thought they fit into this post.  Mike is training in a slightly different way than Max and needed some new equipment.  The kids were excited to try out the new gear.

Pretty intimidating, huh?


2 thoughts on “Why I Love Martial Arts for Kids

  1. We love the way karate has helped develop a strong sense of self discipline in that other kid, too!! Amazing what martial arts can do for a kid, huh? Glad you guys are still lovin’ it too!!

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