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Five Minute Friday

I saw this carnival by The Gypsy Mama via Kelly at Love Well and loved the idea. She gives a prompt to write about and you have 5 minutes to do it and you can’t go back and edit what you typed.

Today’s prompt is: 5 Years Ago


Five years ago Max was 3 1/2 years old.  I was a mom of one child and we were just beginning the adoption process again.  So excited.  But Max was at such an active stage so I wasn’t sure I could handle two.

It was still a sweet time.  My favorite memory from that time was spending Saturday mornings at home.  Mike was in a Christian band so that meant Friday nights were usually late and Saturday mornings were lazy.  I would make cinnamon rolls, Max would get out his drums, toy piano, and microphone.  Mike would play the guitar.  I’m not musical but I loved jamming out with my guys down in the basement to praise songs and other tunes that we all knew.  Max loved to be loud and we just let him.  Who knows what the neighbors thought of that.  One has moved and the other is still here.

Now the volume in our house is two times as loud, but it’s still wonderful.  Yesterday Max got out the drums again again and was beating a rhythm at the kitchen table.  Reminded me that we used to do that too.  At dinner.  We would beat on the table, clap our hands, and make a rhythm.

Yesterday it was too loud, but I wasn’t the one who really noticed.  It was Mike for a change.  Interesting how the roles have changed.


Ha! That was such an interesting exercise.  If I was allowed to, I would’ve edited this to pieces but that would be cheating.  Plus it would’ve taken me forever!  I wish I could blog without editing, but I guess in a way that’s part of the nerdy fun for me. It just takes me a long time to do so.

Want to play?  Go to The Gypsy Mama and link up.

Have a great weekend

Edited to add (ha! I can’t NOT go back to change something!)

I remembered this picture from 5 years ago.  We had a neighborhood Easter egg hunt at the playground with about 20 kids and their parents.  Max was newly potty trained so when he had to go, he had to go.  This picture was taken seconds before I realized that he was pulling down his pants in the MIDDLE of the playground.

And, yes, he did go.

Now that I think about it, most of those neighbors have since moved.




2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday

  1. Hey there! Looked you up to get some inspiration for this spring workout season (checked out some of your shredding posts), and I just got caught up and read four or five posts – so good to hear that you are doing well . . . even though MDO was cancelled! Oh, and thanks for the inspiration too!

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