Sincere Thoughts on Being a Mom

Monday Morning Mom

Someone had a birthday party over the weekend.

It was so fun.

A lot of sugar was consumed in a 48-hour time period.

Someone has been in post-party meltdown this Monday morning.

I won’t tell you who.  Because it’s me.

It’s raining.  It’s dark.  I’m tired.  They’re calling for snow.  On a Mother’s Day Out day.

I need to escape.

The kids have been loud.

No one hears me when I yell, “don’t use your outside voice!”

The irony of that statement is not lost on me.

I have an idea.  The TV is on.  Just for a little while.








6 thoughts on “Monday Morning Mom

  1. Sometimes the tv is like a great big life jacket and other times it is there to try to drown your efforts. The key is to use it properly!! Sounds like this was the perfect time to throw you a life line! Hope the weather improves quickly so you can escape to a place of peace!

  2. I agree with you – TV is a wonder. A wonder that I love to pair with “sit here and be still and watch this movie and don’t wake me up.” 😀

  3. Oh my word, I LOVE this! I love the picture – their laughs and mischevious (sp?) faces. And I love your realness and I love that when I think I’m the only mom in the whole wide world who struggles, um hello, I’m not!

  4. Well, two days later, I’m reading this and saying a little prayer… I am completely overwhelmed with everything about life right now and it makes me sad that you are feeling overwhelmed too… I hope that, by today, it’s gotten a little bit better!

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