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My Heart Flutters For You

Mini, the social butterfly, is attending two Valentine’s Day parties.  So we’ve been busy making some easy Valentines to share with her friends at Mother’s Day Out and our homeschool preschool group.

I drew hearts free-hand so they’re not perfect or symmetrical but I thought they turned out cute.  Got the idea from Family Fun here.  We used a heart punch and some scrapbook paper to make the hearts and Mini went to town with a glue stick.

I do not adore doing crafts with 2 year olds.  But 2 year olds who will be turning 3 in five days are a different story.  Having just one part of the craft for her to do by herself (gluing the hearts) made it fun and manageable.

She concentrated so hard.

I love how preschoolers say cute things like “I’m good at this” and “this is amazing” and “it’s so beautiful.”  She was so impressed with her craftiness.

Next week is going to be a fun week for this little girl.  Max, too – he’s very excited about candy, as you well know! He is giving out Fun Dip valentines that I bought at Target.  He wrote his name 20 times in just a few minutes – I can’t even begin to tell you what a big deal that is.  Handwriting is no longer the struggle it used to be.  I wish I could go back in time two years and tell myself to relax about this.  Some boys just take longer with it.

And, gosh, this boy is pretty awesome.

I love my kids.  They fill up my heart with so much love.

Have a great weekend!


6 thoughts on “My Heart Flutters For You

  1. LOVE your valentines! The ones I found to make for Angel turned out to be too difficult – which turned out to be a mommy/daddy/lesson in patience project. I totally agree about how excited they get. The other day I cleaned/rearranged the family room and when Angel walked in she said, “Mama this is SO beautiful.” I could learn alot from her! 🙂

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