Sincere Thoughts on Being a Mom

Weekend to Linger

Oh my goodness, the days are going by so fast.  Just thought I’d write before I went off to bed to update on what’s been going on this week.

Mike’s parents had the kids all weekend long…yay!  It totally recharged my battery as a mom.  We are so thankful that they do this often for us and just about the time that I find myself running out of steam, they call.  This time I was doubly blessed because not only did they ask to keep them from Saturday until Monday, but they called back on Thursday and asked if they could pick them up a day EARLIER than scheduled.


So what were our wild and crazy plans for the weekend?

We went to a basketball game of three of our Jr. High girls then we crashed a Sweet 16 party for a high schooler.  As we were leaving the house, we got into a great conversation in the foyer and we didn’t leave for another half-hour.  I love that – I love seeing our students connect with Mike and want to talk, talk, and talk some more.  And I love that we weren’t all “uh, sorry, we gotta go…you know…the kids…”  It was a nice chance (for me, especially) to linger.

I lingered all weekend, it was awesome.  After church on Sunday.  At the Super Bowl party later that night.  I needed that.

On Saturday, I was quite productive at home.  I cleaned the entire house and reorganized the play area downstairs in our basement.  Including the table where Max plays with Legos, which was out of control.

I knew I was going to be in trouble with Max for clearing off the hundreds of Lego pieces piled up on top of the table, but I exercised my right as Mom and did the deed anyway.  Sure enough, he (very dramatically) said he couldn’t believe I did that because he was looking for a certain Lego piece before he left.

The missing Lego was found within, oh, about two minutes.  Peace was restored.  And he was happy that I surprised him with something good, too.  On Saturday I sorted through all three huge bins of Legos to find as many mini-figures as I could possibly find.   Then I put them all in one small box.

So nice and organized.

It’s funny.  Things didn’t stay this organized for long after they came home.  In fact, the house is a complete mess.

Gotta go, no time to linger.


3 thoughts on “Weekend to Linger

  1. What a great weekend!! Love to accomplish a lot and then have the kids come in and make a disaster in no time! But look on the bright side….the house was clean ALL DAY SUNDAY!! and those legos were nice and organized at least that long as well!! Can I borrow your inlaws for a weekend??

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