Sincere Thoughts on Being a Mom

Left Side of the Brain


Blocks are fun.

Blocks are educational.

Playing with blocks helps to develop the part of the human brain that is satisfied with architectural interest, problem solving, and mathematical equations.

And physics.

That part of the brain was very satisfied today.

BUT ME??  ME?  You know what I think about blocks?  Sincerely think about them?

It was just a little frustrating using that side of the brain before I ate breakfast.

For the record, I did eventually figure it out.

Blocks are packed away.

For a while.


4 thoughts on “Left Side of the Brain

  1. No, no, no – that’s not how it goes! The short blocks on the bottom right corner should go next to the long hexagonal block. Then those short square ones would go in the corner. Hehehe – just messin’ with ya!

    Great post – so cute!

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