Sincere Thoughts on Being a Mom

In This Picture

1.  I see a super cute scripture memory spiral that I’m committing to use this year.  In case you’re not familiar with Beth Moore‘s challenge of memorizing 2 verses a month, you can read about it here.  Right now I’m memorizing Romans 5:5 and I’m practicing it every day – to not just memorize but to know it and cling to it.  I’m also memorizing the book of Philippians for our Jr. High group.  I love being a Jr. High leader.  Two 13 year-old girls have done it so far (all 4 chapters) and I’m still in Chapter 1.  I wonder who is leading whom?

2.  I see a heart necklace that is very meaningful to me.  John and Anna gave this to me when we first met.  Anna, at 17 years old, was 36 weeks pregnant with Mini.  The silver heart has two teeny-tiny feet engraved in the corner.  I wore it on Sunday.  While Mini sat on my lap looking at it and running the chain through her little fingers, I had to hold back tears.  How amazing it is that Anna chose life for her baby and that I have the incredible blessing to be her mom.

2.  I see a mom that is thinking a lot about her baby turning 3 next month.  Three?  Really?

3.  I see a hole in the door, to the right of the hinge.  Max pushed the door open as hard as he could when he was about 2 years old and the doorstop went right through the wood.  Man, was he strong.  We still haven’t fixed it.

4. I see a desk where I spent a good part of my weekend sitting.  Or standing.  Or with one knee propped up on the chair leaning over the computer.  I definitely spent too much time here, but Mike was away on a ski trip.  My laptop kept me company after long days with the kids.

5.  I see a mess of cords and wires that I have no idea how to tame.  It drives me crazy, but opening my laptop makes the problem go away.

6.  I see an earring on the desk.  Not surprising at all.

7.  I see a Suzy’s Zoo mug with music notes on it.  It’s the only thing I own with music notes on it.  Probably because I’m not musical.  But I bought it because a little character in Suzy’s Zoo called Ollie Marmot is concentrating so hard on playing the piano that his tongue is sticking out.  And that makes me smile.


8 thoughts on “In This Picture

  1. Yay! I’m thrilled you’re doing the scripture challenge!! And look at your cute self holding the Siesta spiral, mine is plain Jane.

    We can hold each other accountable long distance, m’kay? 🙂

    Three? No way! I guess these things happen though. Three will be wonderful and amazing I’m sure. Too bad a brick on their head and Liquid Paper on their age information won’t fly, huh?

    Cute idea documenting all the things around you in the photo–like I Spy.

    Or maybe not.

  2. Thanks for posting about Beth’s scripture memory thing…it’s been awhile since I was over there and totally missed out on it. it fits in with my goals for the year so i’m going to give it a try!! wish me luck…i am terrible at memory work!!

  3. I love this post! So cute. 🙂 And YAY about your SSMT spiral!! Wow, the whole book of Philippians? I am so way in awe of that. Way to go! Love the pictures of Mini….my J sticks his tongue out like that when he’s really concentrating, too. 🙂

  4. I forgot about this necklace, but remembering it now, I remember how sentimental that moment was that we gave it to you. Love you! P.S. Thank you for the sweet words about me.:)

  5. I’ve been memorizing verses with my kids for the last couple years, and the thing that helps me more than anything is having to say it with them a couple times every morning – out loud. We all say our verse together. We say this week’s verse and all (or some, if we are in a hurry) of the ones we have done before it.

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