Five for Friday

1.  It’s been a very good week and although I’ve been missing from the blog, I’ve sat at the computer plenty.  I facebooked a lot more than usual this week, lurking into the lives of old friends and classmates, and discovered some new blogs.  I love finding a new blog and reading their latest posts, then their background story.  Before I leave a single comment I’m now attached and will wait for the opportune time to announce to them (politely) that I am their new lifelong friend.  Seriously, this week I have been inspired by some great women.

Thanks to Holly for leading me to Joy’s Hope and Life In Grace.  If you’re not reading their blogs, then you’re missing some good stuff.

Also, I saw a button on Valerie’s blog about praying for Joanne.  So I clicked over and started reading her blog, The Simple Wife.  Life-changing, that’s all I can say.  Please click on that link and read the latest about Joanne’s recovery from a stroke (she is 38 years old) and pray for her.

2.  I mentioned that I am feeling homeschool bliss right now.  I had my review this week and it was a good chance to look through everything we’ve done since September.  I’m really proud of Max.  We are having a great time.  He is attentive, reasonably enthusiastic about learning, and just on a good roll.  And Mini!  Oh THANK YOU GOD, Mini is finally able to play downstairs or watch TV so that we can get through an hour or two with very few distractions.  I told her Sesame Street and Dora were her school and that worked.  Plus she gets snacks on the couch.

And when she comes back upstairs, I’m calm and less-frazzled so that we can play or do some kind of activity.

Sometimes Max gets up to see what she’s doing, but he’s helpful and it gives him a needed break.

She found this game in storage, which is too advanced for her at this point, but she likes asking me what letter sound goes with the picture.  It’s amazing how early they pick up on those concepts when an older sibling is around.  She mimics so much of what I say to Max and what he does in response.  Do you see her “I’m thinking” finger pointing to her chin?  In the next picture she says “that’s right, good job.”  She’s so funny.

3.  Mini loooooves her pink castle tent in her room.  I think this might be the best $30 Santa has ever spent.

She has made sleeping on top of books and next to a cardboard box very comfy.  She drags this kind of stuff in there everyday for her naptime.  3 out of 5 days she falls asleep.  The other 2 make for rough evenings but it’s a phase and she still sleeps well at night.  Long live the castle!

4.  One day this week she set up an obstacle course in the living room.  It was highly entertaining.

Part of the obstacle course was running up to me and messing up my hair.

That’s nice, isn’t it?

5. Are you reading Missy’s blog this week?  She wrote her 1,000th post and is celebrating with some generous giveaways. Go over there and see what you could win!





8 thoughts on “Five for Friday

  1. 1} My best friend had a stroke (at 35) last year… She nearly died. amazing story. Will certainly be praying for Joann.

    2} homeschooling bliss? Are you typing in foreign languages now? I kid, i kid… It’s not so bad, over here but not quite bliss. So happy (and a tad jealous) for you!

    3} Oh my gosh, that’s adorable! Could she put anything else in there? SOOOO cute!

    4} WOAH! did she just age a ton and turn 10? Mini has really grown up! She’s beautiful!

    5} (so’s her momma!)

  2. Oh my goodness, Anna. I’ve been reading The Simple Wife blog, and can’t stop crying. I have to try and block out the emotional side of it when I’m at work, but that just gives a narrative to the family members I see everyday. Heartbreaking, but what an amazing spirit her husband has. Wow.

  3. Thanks for all the links….just what I need more blogs to read so I can waste(er I mean spend) more time away from the housework!! Glad school is going so well for you right now!!

  4. Oh.My.Goodness. Could Mini BE any cuter? Love her sleeping on the books. 🙂

    Thanks so much for posting the link to Joanne’s blog. It feels weird that I don’t know her personally, because God has so grafted her and her family into my heart that I feel like I’ve known her for years. My heart is broken for them. Praying and praying, constantly, for them. Thank you again for sharing with your readers.

  5. I’m glad you’ve been in a better homeschooling groove, frazzled is never good and gets to be exhausting. It’s so sweet to see Mini doing her cards and big brother Max helping her!

    Love the tent/castle and the nap on top of her books. Tents are worth every penny aren’t they? Annelise’s has to be put up each time, so boo, but Mini’s version is perfect.

    The obstacle course is hilarious. You are such a fun mom!

    Don’t you LOVE Joy’s blog and Edie’s too? I’m totally hooked and drooling. I need to check out The Simple Wife after hearing so much about her illness & recovery lately.

  6. Nice to catch up with your people! 🙂 Loved the pic of Mini asleep in the tent!!!! Proud of you for menu planning! 🙂 ANd the budget. I use to be so good at it but am struggling lately. Working full time (teaching little people all day) sorta zaps all of that motivation right out of me. I WILL do it again and with your weekly posts encouraging me, I WILL! 🙂
    Love ya

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