Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday and More Ramblings

Our menu last week went well and eating “regular food” with my family is proving to be possible if I keep the small portions.  I’m trying to non-diet but still maintain the lifestyle changes I fought so hard to make last year.  I lost 1.4 pounds this week (I just want to get back down to 25 pounds and I’m almost there).  Sticking to healthy breakfasts and lunches and 200 calorie snacks is key for me (along with 20 minutes of a good workout).

So, in other words, if I’m going to eat regular food with my family, then I’m gonna have to eat lots of these

At the same time, I’m resolved to be more frugal.  I have stuck to our $150/week budget for groceries for two whole weeks.  This is big for me.  I really do hate budgets, but I began to write every purchase down in a little spiral notebook and my inner nerd has taken over and I can almost call budgeting fun.

I’m trying to learn how to spot the good deals and take advantage of stocking up when possible.  Take Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, for example.  My kids are either Cheez-Its crazy or Goldfish crazy.  Right now it’s Goldfish.  I saw that they are on sale this week for $1 so I bought 4 of them.  Max loves the explosion flavors and the rest of us don’t so he was happy to get one.  I have a lot to learn about getting an even better deal with coupon stacking and such and whatevs, but I’m just practicing one baby step at a time.  Hopefully I’ll get into this routine and it will pain me to buy a pack of goldfish for regular price at $2.19 (which IS outrageous, no?)

Another thing, God always blesses when I make budgeting a priority.  I bought ground beef and chicken in bulk for free with our Costco rewards check (in addition to a luxury item that I can not live without: Cascade Action Packs for the dishwasher) so that is going to help us for a long time.  I thank God for those provisions.  He knows how much I appreciate Action Packs.  And probably how much my family appreciates dinner.

This week I’m able to use some meals stored away in the freezer from past weeks and Mike will be away on a ski trip with the high school group starting on Friday.  So I think we’ll be under budget this month and that would make for a great start of the year.

Whew.  Thanks for letting me talk about all of that, this must be the most boring post ever.  I’m actually very insecure when it comes to talking about meal planning, budgeting, and anything else domestic.  I’ve had so many false starts with all of this but I hope this year I get into the groove.  I have a goal to find margin in my life and I think this is one more way how to make room for it.

Here’s what I have planned on the menu this week:

Monday – Broiled Tilapia Parmesan, steamed veggies

Tuesday – Spaghetti w/ meat sauce, salad

Wednesday – Honey Dijon Chicken, rice, salad

Thursday – Chili / baked potatoes

Friday – Pizza

What are you having at your place?  Join the carnival every Monday sponsored by The Organizing Junkie.


4 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday and More Ramblings

  1. Yummy looking salad! 🙂 Thanks for posting about your budgeting endeavors – you are nudging me to get back on the bandwagon. I intentionally looked the other way and ignored budgeting resolutions this year, but I know I need to go there, even if I don’t want to! *sigh* { it must be a sighing kinda day for me – that’s 2 in a row!}

  2. I’m really working on budgeting more this year too. Didn’t really make it a resolution but it is a high priority for our family. I’ve been doing great during the first 2 weeks of the year. I’ve cleared out our freezer and fridge and most of the “chip/snack” cabinet. So tomorrow I will be making a HUGE grocery trip! Hoping to get a bunch of great sales!!

  3. Since Doug deployed I’ve been using Peapod (a grocery delivery service) and even with the small delivery fee it has actually helped me stay on our grocery budget. #1 I’m not tempted to fill my cart with all the junk I’d walk by in the aisles. #2 if I do add something like that to my cart I can see immediately how much it costs and usually remove it. and #3 since I can add things to the cart over a longer period of time I forget fewer things which means less trips to the store (which means less potential to buy a ton of impulse items). And having someone else bring all the groceries in and put them on my table is a nice perk as well. 🙂

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