It’s Winter Out There

Mini said “it’s Winter out there” as we left our house to play in the inch of snow we got the previous night.  She was excited to put on her snowsuit and boots and join Max, who had rushed out the door as soon as we were finished with school.  I tried to put Mini down for a nap with promises to go out in the late afternoon, but no way was she going to sleep.  Way too excited!

Max welcomed Mini out into the winter wonderland and they worked on his snow fort for about 20 seconds before the short attention span of a 2 year old wanted to move on.  Max didn’t care.  He’s such a great big brother.

We started our trek to The Big Hill of the neighborhood.  They were so excited about the first sled ride of the season.

We had a great time and it was so worth missing a nap.  I just wish there were other kids outside to play with.  The only people we passed were an older couple that stopped to take our picture and a guy jogging in a sweater and khakis.

To each his own.

We didn’t stay out too long, it was cold and my kids are the kind that are determined to take off their mittens or gloves as soon as they become wet.  I’m the kind of mom that sees their red hands as a perfect excuse to go back and drink hot chocolate.

Before I go, just one more short video clip to share.  Mini was giving me instructions on how to walk up a hill in the snow.

I tried the march, march, march technique with her and the sled, but I never did make it up to the top with her.  I couldn’t carry her, either.   She was a little disappointed that the 30 Day Shred hasn’t yet given me the muscle power I need.  Better work on that.  In the meantime, we’ll just have to wait for Daddy.


4 thoughts on “It’s Winter Out There

  1. We are going to have to come over to your hill next time it snows. We don’t have any great hills around here. And Madeline and Mini would have a great time together. And I think we would too 🙂

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