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Her Room

Last week I made a discovery.  HomeGoods.

I’ve been in a HomeGoods store once and even made a purchase.  I bought a rug for our living room right after we had our living room carpet replaced with hardwood.  I picked one out that I was sort of in-like with, then took it home.  Now I am no longer in-like with it, but buying a new one is way, way low on the priority list. Plus, the memory of buying that rug and carting it home with a screaming toddler and a bored and complainy 6 year old boy on one of the hottest summer days is still burned in my mind.  I probably swore I’d never go back to that store again.

And that has nothing to do with this post, anyway.  I wanted to talk about Mini’s room.

I discovered a new HomeGoods store (well, new to me) that is about 45 minutes away and practically next door to where a friend lives.  I see lots of shopping trips in our future because the minute I stepped foot in this particular store, I was in awe.  It was neat, the aisles were wide, and the displays were attractive.  The other HomeGoods seemed like a discount picked-over warehouse so I didn’t have the best first impression of the store.  But now my opinion has been changed.

Plus I was there without kids.  Do you think that means anything?

Anyway, this year I’m hoping to change the look in Mini’s room.  I guess she’s more than ready to graduate from being in a baby crib.

If you know me, then you know it takes me a long time to commit to an idea I have, especially when it comes to home decor.  I am so commitment-phobic of buying new furniture and accessories.  I need a friend to intervene.

Good thing she lives down the street from HomeGoods. 🙂

(I’m checking out Craig’s List for a cute white twin bed.  But do you have any other ideas for furniture in such a small room? What do you think the must-have pieces would be?  A bookshelf?  A dresser?  She has a big closet and we have a small dresser already inside).


5 thoughts on “Her Room

  1. I, unfortunately, have no idea what a little girl would like/need in her room.

    But … I do think that Mini is ready for a big bed, and if you were willing to turn the car keys over to her, probably driving as well.

    Praise the Lord for healthy, happy and smart babies!

  2. Are you looking for toddler beds or full size twin bed? Target and ToysRUs used to sell toddler beds for a decent price….or if you have IKEA nearby you could check them out. (always available online, too!) We love IKEA for inexpensive quality furniture…We have LOTS of it our apartment!

  3. I’m going to get dressed right now and go to Homegoods! I haven’t been in ages and I think it’ll be the perfect little outting for a cold morning.

    Bean has a tiny room. In it she has her white captain’s bed (twin) that has drawers built right in (major space saver). She also has a tall bookshelf, an upholstered rocking chair and ottoman, a small bedside table with a lamp, and a dollhouse bookshelf from Target. (it’s currently being used as a dollhouse.) It’s plenty, and I don’t even have a dresser in the closet.

  4. She’s definitely ready for a “big girl” bed! I strongly suggest a trundle bed because they’re great storage solutions for a small space and it can convert to a guest sleep solution if you need it one day. My four year old also has a cool trunk at the end of his bed to hide toys – but easily accessible to him. Love, love HomeGoods – but DEFINITELY without kids.

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