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Break from Reality

So, what did you do for New Years Eve? (sorry, I know that was 4 days ago.  I’m already running late in 2011.)

How did I spend my New Years Eve? I had the entire day off.

Four weeks ago on my birthday, I asked Mike if he could give me a complete day to myself – to shop, wander aimlessly, or do whatever I wanted for 8 straight hours.  He was like, “sure, Babe!  Let’s look at the Google Calendar thingy (that’s just like him to say thingy, isn’t it?) and find a day that works!! (he always expresses himself with exclamation points, you know).

Well, in situations like this, it stinks to have a birthday at the beginning of December.

We didn’t have a free day on the calendar until the week between Christmas and New Years so I had to wait.  Waiting is good, however.  Especially when Santa is coming to town and can help a girl out in her shopping.

I had a plan to go to the mall by myself, then drive back to meet my mom for lunch at oh-around-later-ish.  I was excited to step out in style (at least my version of style) and hit the stores.

The mall was hopping.  But I enjoyed the peace and quiet with half a million holiday shoppers, believe it or not.  I enjoyed not wearing my Mom hat for 8 straight hours, thankful to get a break from reality.  I think every mom needs a day to herself right after the holidays.  I know it’s the time for giving and all, but I was ready to think about Me, Me, Me.

I bought a pretzel and didn’t have to share it.  Yeah, you got that right.  That’s how edgy I was.

The sales were incredible as stores were clearing out the winter merchandise to bring in spring.  I, of course, can’t stand to pass up the new stuff because it’s nice and neat on the hangers and the colors of spring speak to me.  I wish they spoke “I’m on sale” but not at Old Navy, the first store I went.  However, my bargain hunting friends would be proud.  With some saved-up coupons that expired that day, I still got a great deal.  I bought a denim jacket, 2 pair of yoga pants, a pullover, and this dress for less than $85.

That purple is called Plummy Yummy.  It’s the same color as my ’94 Chevy Cavalier that I drove when I met Mike, though GM called it Hawaiian Orchid.  I loved it.  Mike was not a fan but he still asked me to marry him anyway.  I’m pretty sure “I promise to never buy another purple car” was in our vows, though.

I shopped for hours then picked up my mom for a late lunch at Uncle Julio’s.  We ordered the exact same thing, shared an appetizer of chips and guac, and told stories, laughed, and had a great time.  She has done so much for me this year with helping to do school with Max so I could go to MOPS and watching the kids whenever need be.  It was nice to hang out with her, just the two of us.

After more shopping I was back home at 7 p.m.  I dropped my bags in the kitchen and grabbed a couple slices of the incredibly delicious pizza that Mike made for dinner.   I had $2 leftover from Santa’s gift.

It was a fabulous day off.  But I spent the next 4 days wiping noses, worrying about a cough, cooking, cleaning, and shopping for a new humidifier while I bought groceries at Target.

My reality missed me.


6 thoughts on “Break from Reality

  1. Sounds like a fun day! Ahh, the bliss of being alone with one million other shoppers….I know where you’re coming from, sister. Glad you got to enjoy a day to yourself. 😉

  2. CUTE dress! 😀 I, too, took a day to myself (with my sister) and spent some of Santa’s hard earned $, along with giftcards and $ I got for Christmas. I love those days. It recharged my mind and has me ready and WANTING to go back to school… wait. Did I say that out loud?? Love you!

  3. Okay … spill the goods on Uncle Julio’s. I’ve had it tickled in my favorites for more than a year after searching for somewhat local )(at local as metro ATL gets) Mexican joints with made at the table guac but since it is a little drive, we haven’t gone yet. Do tell if it’s worth the drive so I can get all of my housework done by the weekend … hehe!

    I’m so glad you’ve found your homeschooling bliss — in five short months my homeschooling journey comes to an end when the boy graduates and there must be something seriously wrong with me because I’m actually kind of torn over it.

    Who will I be? What will I do? It will be so much fun to see…

    Happy Birthday and New Year!

  4. What a wonderful way to spend your day off!! Sounds like a great birthday present to me!! LOVE the purple dress,too!! Looks great on you!! And you came home with $$$. Dont you know that would not have happened if either of the kids were with you??!!! Happy New Year to you, too!

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