In the year 2010

Max was:
Snow sledding, fort building, Lego creating, homeschooling
Spooky storytelling, flashlight reading, front teeth missing, mohawk styling
Kung Fu fighting, snake hunting (in my LAUNDRY ROOM), bike riding, deep end diving
Mini was:
Potty training, bunny loving, tutu wearing, singing, dancing
Mommy pretending, friends playing, blankets dragging, kitchen sweeping
I was:
Picture taking, blog posting, salad eating, 30 Day Shredding

Mike was:
youth pastoring, seminary studying, guitar playing, Czech traveling
We were:
Beach vacationing, church retreating, pumpkin picking, leaves jumping
Hockey cheering (Go Caps!), cookie decorating, family gathering, and memory making
God is good all the time, whether we would say it was a good year or not, but this year was one of the best.  He did that, not us.  We give him praise!  Thank you for stopping by the blog and being apart of our life.  Happy New Year, friends!
My favorite pic

5 thoughts on “In the year 2010

  1. What a great review of 2010 for you! Love the pictures and hearing all the things ya’ll did this year! Personally I love the picture of you and Mike!

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