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Oh There You Are

I’ve missed you, Blog.  How are you?  I’m sitting here in a heap of clutter – including a stack of Christmas cards that still need to be sent out – and taking deep breaths when the post-Christmas Crazy gets the best of me.  I am plopping down in front of this computer as an act of escape, fully intending to put off until tomorrow what I can do tonight.

Tonight it’s all about the blog.  Not the cleaning.

Unless I have to clean the counter to make room for the See’s candy.

To keep me distracted from that THREE POUND box of assorted chocolate goodness, I think I’ll post some pictures of our holiday travels and festivities.  We went to Arkansas on the 15th and celebrated early with Mike’s grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  Then we came home and partied with our local crowd right up ’til the 25th.  I consumed approximately 9 million calories in that time frame.

So what’s another chocolate?  Be right back.  Dang, I still haven’t found the buttercream.

Where was I?  Oh yes, the pictures.

There’s a big difference in flying with an 8 year old and flying with a 2 year old.

She was good, but so.very.busy.  I brought the dvd player, but the nice people around us took care of the on-flight entertainment (or was it the other way around?)

Mike’s granddad offered a hand (and an arm) in the entertainment once we landed in Arkansas

Max got a Pillow Pet, which is something he has “always wanted.”

Mini spent a lot of time on Aunt Jen’s lap

Daddy’s lap, too

Occasionally, she sat on my lap.  But only if I was going for a ride in the cow pasture in Grandaddy’s truck

Looking for a special calf named, “Hope” who Grandaddy has taken care of since she was born

“Ho-ope? Where are you?”

“Oh There You Are”

(how cute is a calf running behind a farmer driving his truck?)

This was Mini’s 3rd or 4th time visiting Hope (who was named after Mini because that is her middle name in real life) and she loves this cow like you would not believe.

Oh my goodness, watching Hope drink her bottle was so cute.  She was done in no time!

That was fun!
More pics to post tomorrow.  I gotta go.  The search for the buttercream continues.

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