Tiny Talk Tuesday

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Mini came home from Mother’s Day Out with a class picture taken in front of the Christmas tree at the church.  She wanted to tell me the names of each one of her friends.  I sat with her on the living room sofa for a few minutes doing this.  Then she took the photo and walked over to our Christmas tree and said to the tree, “wanna see the Christmas tree at school?”

I guess she wanted to make sure the trees knew each other, too.


Yesterday Max and Mini were playing with puzzles in the living room when I heard Mini let out an irritated cry.  Apparently Max threw one of the pieces onto the floor and it annoyed Mini to no end.  He was just being a big brother, that was all.  Of course, that doesn’t matter to a little sister!

She came in the kitchen in a huff.  Then she took Baby Jesus from the nativity scene, and with him in her little hand she stomped into the living room straight back to Max.  She said, “No Max! Baby Jesus is gonna spank you!”

I couldn’t believe my ears.  I laughed so hard and am still laughing at the tone of voice she had.  Like a grandma who had enough with the delinquents in the neighborhood.

So funny!

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3 thoughts on “Tiny Talk Tuesday

  1. The tree comment reminds me of when my oldest son, now 18, was showing grandma’s tree to his Barney when he was about 3 yrs old.

    The baby Jesus comment is so cute.

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