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Greatest Week of the Year

Last Wednesday: Mike’s birthday.

Last Thursday: Thanksgiving.

Last Friday: 10 Hour Date with Mike.

Saturday: Thanksgiving II.

Sunday: Donuts

and Happy Meals

Monday: Mike’s Day Off (except he studied all day.  boo.  so we got back to homeschooling.  boo.  but there was still celebrating going on in his absence with sprinkled ice-cream sundaes.)

Tuesday:  Our Anniversary!  Dinner at our favorite Mexican place!  Facebook comments!  HAPPY!

Wednesday:  MOPS Christmas Party

Thursday: Subway for Dinner. We’re regulars.

Our Subway friend (don’t know his name but I assume he owns or manages the location) always greets us like we’re Norm from Cheers.  He is an older man and is so friendly.   He is smitten with Mini and gives her pickles while he’s making our subs and tells us about his family.  Tonight he asked me if anyone has ever told me I look like a movie star.

Now you know why we’re regulars.

Friday: MY BIRTHDAY!  Our plans are to have Coke and Pizza Night like we do every Friday night, watch the new holiday episode of Phineas and Ferb, and eat chocolate cake.

Maybe a workout is in order for sometime in the near future.

Saturday: Mini’s Adoption Day.  She’s getting a big balloon and a whole lot of fanfare for this special day.

There you have it:  GREATEST WEEK OF THE YEAR.



7 thoughts on “Greatest Week of the Year

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANNA! You look beautiful (like a movie star!) 🙂 Hope you have a terrific Coke and pizza night to top off your fabulous week!

    And Happy Adoption Day, Mini!

  2. Gotta love that Subway guy!! What a special week. Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter and Happy Adoption Day to the cutest 2 year old in my life! 🙂

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