We had Thanksgiving with my side of the family yesterday and it was really fun.  My dad and stepmom, her daughter and two girls, and my mom joined us for our first Thanksgiving feast that included all of us without any viruses.  It was a Thanksgiving miracle – everyone was well this year and we could all enjoy a wonderful meal together at the table.

It was wonderful, if I do say so myself 😉

In order to sit 10 people at a table in our townhouse, we had to go with a folding table and folding chairs (plus a kids table) and a lot of pushing and shoving politely asking people to move so we could make the buffet rounds, but that’s okay with me.  This Pfaltzgraff pattern might not be fancy china and the flatware hasn’t matched since the year 2000 (I have a terrible habit of feeding spoons to the garbage disposal), but I loved setting the table and playing hostess.  I was lucky to find all the napkin rings since they are usually hiding out in Mini’s toy box, but I think I squealed when I slipped these on and laid them on each plate.  How beautiful my table was without the everyday torn paper towels and Ikea cups and plates!

You know what?  I didn’t have time to iron the table cloth (I only had time to toss a damp towel in for a quick cycle in the dryer), I was constantly diverting Mini’s attention from pulling the whole thing off, and I didn’t notice the dust in the glasses until almost too late, but…

But, you know what?  Who cares!  We were together!

All of us.  This was the first Thanksgiving I’ve had with both my parents in almost 20 years.  My mom and dad have been through a lot, divorcing right around the time I was out on my own, but they are kind and friendly toward one another and my stepmom and mom get along very well.  We’ve all been together for various celebrations through the years like ours and my siblings’ weddings, adoption days, Mike’s pastoral commissioning, and retirement dinners at our favorite Mexican restaurant, but this was the first Holiday Gathering. And it was really special.

Let’s now talk about the food.  Delicious.  Honey Baked Ham and Turkey (I slaved over them both!), mashed potatoes, dressing, gravy, green beans with crispy bacon, fruit salad, cranberry sauce, apple crisp, chocolate pie, and Carvel Ice Cream birthday cake.


Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  Hope yours was special, too.


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. What a great celebration you guys had! and your tablecloth and napkins looked great!! Wow!! What a feast you made!! Love that Max helped with the food too!! What a great memory you made for your kids!

  2. How wonderful to have everyone together in one place and for past *issues* to be gone–what a big blessing! You were a great hostess and Max was a big help too I’m sure. All the food and trimmings looked great! You are soooo right about the most important thing is being together and creating a memory.

  3. You were a charming hostess! The food was delicious, the table beautiful and the conversation great. What an adorable picture of the three pretty little girls. They certainly had a great time playing together after dinner. And Max is becoming quite the little chef! Thank you for making it all happen. It was a very special Thanksgiving. Love you.

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