10 Hours

No kids all day – they went to Pops and Nana’s for a sleepover.

Christmas Tree set-up.

Lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s (had my most favorite lunch: a combination of healthy and junk…and chocolate.  I made myself a great salad at the salad bar, with a glass of water thank-you, then downed two mini buffalo chicken sandwiches, fries, and didn’t share but two bites of the double chocolate cake).

A quiet Metro ride into the city sitting next to my man.  This feels great – uninterrupted time and conversation (did I mention no kids?)

Great seats at an exciting Caps hockey game that included a hat trick (plus one…what do you call it when your player scores four goals in a row?  Awesome, that’s what you call it.)

Sat five feet away from a guy who caught a free Chipotle burrito thrown into the crowd (which isn’t really a burrito at all, it’s a t-shirt wrapped in foil.)  I was so close.

Late night leftovers in front of the TV (watching back-to-back episodes of House) and loving every minute of the 10-hour date we just had.

Let’s do this again sometime.



4 thoughts on “10 Hours

  1. 10 whole hours?!?! That’s FABULOUS!! It’s great too that y’all made the most of it and were able to do lots of different things. I’ve never been to a hockey game–I guess it’s not a huge sport here in TX. 🙂 I wish we had a Ruby Tuesday’s around here too–sounds yummy.

    Hooray for your Christmas tree already set-up–I still have jack-lanterns out. Sometimes our holidays are a bit blurred. 🙂

  2. Sounds like paradise, my friend. I’m glad you two got some time alone and I know just what you mean about that train ride. I love quiet conversation with Al in situations like that. Feels like we advance the closeness and depth our relationship so much in those moments. Love to all of you!

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