They Say It’s Your Birthday

This morning we hid under the covers waiting for Mike to come out of the bathroom after taking a shower.

“Happy Birthday, Daddy!”

{he was soooo surprised because we were so incredibly quiet.  And still.}

Mini:  “Say Happy Birthday to me, Daddy!  Now say Happy Birthday to Mommy.  Now say Happy Birthday to Max.”

{It’s our birthday too!  Exciting!}

How do you like Max’s drawing of SpongeBob with a party hat?

Later tonight, Party SpongeBob made a special appearance on the cake, too.

Happy Birthday, Mike.  We love you and all of us enjoyed “our” birthday.  I’ll always remember what a big deal this cake was to our kids today.  Each candle (even the pink ones) picked out because it was the right one for the right spot on your cake.  There are 10 candles and Max had a long and thoughtful reason why there were supposed to be 9 candles for your 38th birthday.  (Who is teaching this kid math?)

The 10th candle was placed when he allowed his little sister to still be apart of the decorating committee (not that she would take no for an answer).  Oh yeah, the cake was a huge deal.  But then again, you a huge deal to them.  You’re a fantastic dad!  They couldn’t wait to celebrate with you!

I love you, Babe.  Happy Birthday!


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