Student Ministry

Deep Thoughts After the Retreat

The retreat – the one where I spent three days with 20 middle schoolers – was incredibly tiring.  But really awesome too.  There are times when I picture myself as a jr. high leader until I’m 84 years old because I love it so much.  I laugh so hard with them.  I care so much about them.  I like the challenge of relating to them.  They keep me young at heart.  But then I go on a retreat and spend every last ounce of energy I have in order to JUST STAY AWAKE and I wonder.  How many years can I do this?  I feel so old.

There was a moment when I fell asleep – like four seconds of REM at least – standing up in the gym watching a dodgeball game.  I was leaning on the carpeted wall (weird, I know) and I thought it was the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever known.  So fluffy.

Not long after, a dodgeball hit me in the head.


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