Stories About Jake

Picture This 2

Remember this pumpkin that Max decorated for Awana two years ago?

He left Awana that night proud of his Indy pumpkin but with a goal in mind:  he was going to spend more time on it in the future.

Two Octobers later (and a faded memory of the Green Magic Marker Alien Pumpkin of ’09 that missed its photo shoot) and Max came up with an idea on the fly for this year’s contest.  His mom kinda forgot to remind him.  But fear not, 15 minutes was more than enough to come up with a great pumpkin.

Congratulations on the 2nd place win, Max!

We always knew you rocked.


4 thoughts on “Picture This 2

  1. I won a Pumpkin contest once! My pumpkin was a pig! The tale was the top of the pumpkin and I painted it alll pink! It was a blast and memories I will never forget!

    What a creative guy you’ve got! It would be so cool if he painted one into a lego head! Lol I mean with his obsession of legos and all 🙂

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