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Picture This

Many, many random photos are sitting in my computer just waiting to be shared here on the blog.  Some are quite old (like days! or weeks!) but they capture the everyday moments I don’t want to forget. Not having the time to post them everyday and give wordy commentary is giving me the shakes.

Max, who loves reading the blog when he has permission to do so, asks me each afternoon if I’ve posted anything new.  I say no and it causes him to have a reaction that can only be described as slightly dramatic.

Haha, no he doesn’t care all that much.  I just wanted to show you this funny picture of his mouth.

Were you curious about what his expander looks like?  Aw, c’mon, I’m sure you were.  Yep, the expander is a pain and it took a few days to get used to it, but he’s doing very well with the adjustment.

We have to turn the rotator device every night before he goes to bed but it doesn’t hurt.  He is a great patient as I fumble my way each and every night with a flashlight pointing up to the roof of his mouth to find the little pin hole that the “key” fits in.  Mike has taken over for me on two occasions and I happily conceded the entire job to him from here on out.

The orthodontist told us to do the nightly turning for 1-2 months (depending if it’s working as planned), but the expander will be in his mouth for a year.  After, Max should no longer have a cross bite.

The day I took these photos we went for a walk.  It was a gorgeous day and it was the kind of day I’d like to remember about being a mom.  We finished school and had time to just take a stroll around the neighborhood.

Nothing was pressing to do that afternoon, it was great.  Max brought along his little notebook in which he writing “episodes” called MAD about a thief and all his crazy attempts at breaking the law.  Each episode contains dozens of pages like a basic animation flip book.  He has written four episodes this week and spent most of his free time during each day working on them.  His creative juices were flowing and the stories were funny!

On the walk we discovered a great climbing tree and took a different way home than we normally do.  It was so nice to spend time outside.  These mild autumn days won’t be here for long.

Gotta catch them before they’re gone!




4 thoughts on “Picture This

  1. Love the pictures!! I love the joy that can be seen in their faces as they run across that bridge!
    I would love to hear more about the expander….I think TOK is gonna need some serious dental work in a few years…that may even be in the lineup, but definitely braces will be in order. Gotta prepare mentally for all of it!

  2. Oh my goodness, that expander looks so painful! I cringe every time I look at it!

    Love those times when we have a chance to So glad you guys got to take advantage of the beautiful fall weather!

  3. hahaha, laughing at my comment – it sounds like I meant when you and I have time to be together! heehee. I meant when we (anyone) have time to be with our families 🙂

  4. Found you through the Uy family blog (they are going to China today!), great photos of your children. Love the fall weather so that we can get outside without the heat and humidity.
    I have to say that the “expander” is something I had in my mouth 36 years ago during my freshman year in high school – it was terrible! So glad your son is having it done now, so young!
    I enjoyed stopping by…

    Alyzabeth’s Mommy for Two Years

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