Works for Me Wednesday

There’s a story behind this picture.

Other than how my 2 1/2 year old mis-matches her pajamas and socks on purpose.

The story I want to share is about the block in her hand.  This is her bedtime block.

I read about this idea on GirlTalk’s blog and I thought it was genius.  Mini gets to “spend” this block on a trip to the potty after I’ve left the room.  One block.  One visit to the potty.

It works!  She’s still in a crib but I think this is a good training tool for when she’ll be in a big girl bed soon.

She loves handing me the block.  Yes, it gets spent every single night and every single naptime, but I would’ve taken her anyway so it’s a win-win.

Now for another side story about the above photo.  Mini called me after I put her to bed.  She had to go potty and I asked her if she wanted to “spend her block.”

She said yes and happily got down from her crib and spun around the room.  She was spinning her block.


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2 thoughts on “Works for Me Wednesday

  1. Cute idea! Fortunately, my kiddo who is three is holding it at night, but at first would need to go, I’d take him, and he didn’t need to. It was for the fun of it, so this would work!

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