This Time the Directions Will Somehow Lead You to a Hoedown.

I’ve really wanted to respond to your comments on my last post and say thank you for them, but I have been so busy in the evenings when I normally have a chance.  Until now, I haven’t had a minute to write.

I loved writing that post – the one about the directions.  Thank you for the nice things you said in the comments.

This is Crazy Month for me.  Church stuff – mostly Jr. High – has been on the front burner and with the retreat coming up in a couple of weeks, it’s gonna stay busy.  Don’t know how much I’ll be around Blogland this month.

I haven’t felt overwhelmed, though.  God is good.  He has given me some margin.  My expectations for a clean house have lowered.  Lowered more than my normal low.  Meals are quick and easy, which unfortunately means less healthy.  I’ve got a long way to go to learn how to do fast, easy, healthy, AND filling.

Look at this, though.  Oh my word, this dinner was quick, easy, and delicious.  I ate it like a dip with Fritos Scoops.

But, good news:  I can now say I’ve lost 25 pounds!  It took 3 months to lose 20 and another two months to lose the last 5, but I did it.  I’m exercising 3-4 times a week and I feel great, although the Halloween candy has been a serious temptation.  Do you know how good peanut butter m&m’s are???

We went to a hoedown the other night.  It was hysterical watching friends get into it and square dance.  The caller was like 90 years older than God.  We had ourselves a good time even if both Mike and Max felt too cool to join in at first.

Mini stayed home with Grammy and Max almost wanted to stay, too.  Having his mom “dress” him in the hoedown theme in mind was not cool.  I told him there would be cookies, though, and after he heard that, he put on the plaid shirt.

The problem wasn’t the button-up shirt, however.  The problem was not wearing a tie.  But I didn’t have time for that kind of silliness.  We were going to a hoedown.

When we got there, we started out in a big circle doing the Hokey Pokey and Chicken Dance.  Max danced with me while I gave Mike the important job of documenting the fun with pictures.

He took a whole lot of pictures.  Two, to be exact.

Wow.  Those were some great pictures.

It didn’t take long before Max took over as Family Photographer.  He took hundreds of photos of every little detail of the night – the decorations, the cupcakes, the floor, the ceiling, every single person we know…at their {ahem} best angle.  While square dancing.  Or eating kettle corn.  I’m sure everyone is hoping those get posted on Facebook.  Never!

He got a couple shots that I wanted to post here, though.  After much prodding (from everyone), Mike did join in at the end of the night to square dance with me.

Obviously, the cookies bribe didn’t work on him.  He wouldn’t wear a plaid shirt.  Probably because he doesn’t own one, but that’s beside the point.

He did say he’d wear a collar shirt to dress up.

As always, he aims to please.

Here are some more pictures of our night at the Hoedown.  We laughed so much that our sides hurt, it was a good night!


6 thoughts on “This Time the Directions Will Somehow Lead You to a Hoedown.

  1. You’re looking awesome!!! Great work! Sounds like you guys had a blast. Reed would have boycotted the activity sadly. He’ll swing dance til the end of time but I even mention country dancing and he won’t hold my hand 😦 so sad.

  2. You have done a great job of losing weight and I’m so proud of you! Looks like the hoedown was tons of fun!! So glad you got to get the guys to participate in it (even if it was only for a couple of minutes!!

  3. I enjoyed looking at your Hoe-down pictures! I don’t think I even got any of our family dancing, but I did get some of the scarecrow and cowboy! 🙂 It was fun seeing you and “Max” was adorable taking so many photos.

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