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Dora the Explora

Mini is gonna be Dora for Halloween.  She has been very busy working on her Spanish and knows how to say ¡Hola! and ¡Gracias!

Mini:  “¡Hola!”

Me:  ¡Hola, niña!  ¿Cómo estás?

Blink, Blink

Mini: “¡Hola!”


Mini: “¡Gracias!”

We’re all set for Trick-or-Treating next week.

Putting together a Dora costume is quite easy since Mini looks like her anyway.  I ordered a purple Backpack for $10 from Amazon that comes with Map attached.  It’s really cute.  All we need now is a pink shirt (I think we might have one or four of those somewhere in the drawer) and pants.  We’ll keep practicing the Spanish and the TALKING LOUD IN ALL CAPS just like Dora does on her show.  WITH EXCLAMATION POINTS!!

(not a lot of rehearsing will be necessary)

Speaking of Dora, have you seen this video clip of Brian Regan from a few years back?  It’s hilarious and has become one of those bits that Mike does to make me laugh.  It works every time.


3 thoughts on “Dora the Explora

  1. Dora really does yell everything. It can be exhausting at times. And “The Map” song is pretty bad. I try to think that maybe it would be a tiny bit better if they just had someone different singing it. Mini is going to make an adorable Dora!

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