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Good Mail

Today I was the recipient of some good mail from a friend I met through blogging.  Destiny, a Georgia mom who leaves the most encouraging comments, saw something at Target one day and thought of me.  I thought that was SO sweet!  After all the trauma drama I experienced last year, especially.  Now, I’m not referring to the trauma of the fire, the multiple times I scratched my cornea or the kidney stoney attack I had on my 35th birthday.  Nope, I’m talking about the trauma of not ordering my favorite calendar in time before they were sold out.  Remember that?

When Destiny found out about this horrible, horrible tragedy, she reached out to me in the comments.  I felt her hug through the power of WordPress and the internet.  I’ve never met Destiny in person but I count her a true friend because she promised to keep her eyes open for Suzy’s Zoo calendars until she found one.

And she delivered on that promise.

You know what?  I don’t think she actually promised.  I’m pretty sure I made that part up.  But I love her for fulfilling a non-promise.  It totally made my day.

Thank you, Destiny!

(also, just in case you all were losing sleep over it, the wall-size 2011 calendar was ordered and has arrived.  Mike took care of that for me.

Don’t I have the best support system?


3 thoughts on “Good Mail

  1. I can’t remember what I did yesterday, or what I had for lunch today, but somehow … I remembered that I was on the lookout for a Suzy’s Zoo calendar when I saw this. I, clearly, have my priorities straight! Your welcome! ox

  2. FUN! FUN! BY the way, every time I am in the teacher store spending money Andrew told me not to spend, I see TONS of Suzy Zoo items and most definitely think of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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