Tiny Talk Tuesday

Tiny Talk Tuesday

We spent part of the weekend at Mike’s parents’, which provided some great opportunities to hear the funny things being said by the kids.

Max (8):  “I’m not too big for this car.  I can still fit in it.”


Mini (2):  {pointing to an ironing board}  “Nana, wh-what is that??”

Nope, she’s never seen me use one of those!


Aunt Jen came up for the weekend, too, along with cousins from out-of-town.  While the rest of us were upstairs, Jen was down in the basement with Mini, playing a song on the juke box.  You know, dancing along to the music, showing her niece some of her fabulous moves.

Non-chalantly, Mini looked at her and said, “Please don’t do that, Aunt Jen.”


We played hide-and-go-seek and Mini told me exactly where to hide.  Then she walked away, counted, and came back to look for me.

“I found you!”

It was so exciting.  Every time!

(aren’t 2 year olds fun?)

For more Tiny Talk Tuesday, visit Not Before 7.  If you click over to her blog, you might see someone familiar there.  🙂

Thank you, Mary, for including me as your Feature Family today.   Your words were so sweet and they touched my heart today.


2 thoughts on “Tiny Talk Tuesday

  1. I can totally relate to the ironing board comment. We just studied the letter I and one of the suggested words was iron, and my dd had no clue what it was a picture of!

    I found you at Not Before 7.

  2. Awww…so cute! I love little kid versions of Hide and Seek 🙂

    My mom was here the other day to babysit and wanted to iron. She was APPALLED to learn that I don’t even own an ironing board anymore 🙂 Another thing we have in common – NO IRONING!

    Happy TTT!!!

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