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Sister Bumps Back

This scene played out just as I expected.  Watch and see, my friends.  They are real brother and sister.

As a bonus, you get to hear how Max sounds with two missing front teeth and what his opinion really is about clothes or any topic that doesn’t have to do with corn mazes or Halloween.

As another bonus, you get to hear my stellar interviewing skills.


Did I really say “good job!” when she said she “went into a tree?”  I guess I did.

Happy Friday, everyone.


3 thoughts on “Sister Bumps Back

  1. Madeline and Oliver have been glued to this video. I love how you end the interview with him, “we’ll see ya later.” 🙂 Max doesn’t know what he’s missing with all the wonderful fall wardrobe things. But, he has not underestimated the goodness of candy!

  2. that’s too funny! Love talking to kids with missing front teeth! That Other Kid lost his 2nd one this week, but his permanant teeth are already all the way through so I don’t get to hear him talk with a gap, boo!!

  3. I watched it three times in a row and by the third time, my stomach hurt … in a good way!
    “Maaahm – he’s hittin me.” “Maaahm – I need your help…” Oh my heart. Is there anything dearer, sweeter in life, than having a child call you “MAAAHM!”

    I think not…

    Lucky you! You’re outside playing and we’re inside cramming for the SAT. Senior year … it will suck the smart out of a mom.

    We had a senior/graduation meeting this week at our co-op and by the end of the meeting, there was not a dry eye in the room. Even the sole dad in attendance was teary. I had a raring tick in my eye by the middle of the meeting and by the end, the whole left side of my face was about to take flight. It was not my best look!

    Oh … be prepared that Max may not outgrow his love for the occasional odd wardrobe choice. My boy has now taken to wearing Clark Kent glasses with NO GLASS in them. I don’t understand this at all…At all!

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