Annual Fall Fun

We took the day off school and headed on up the hill to our favorite orchard for all manner of Fall harvest festivities.  This is something we try to do every year.  It’s always the same.  And it’s always a blast.

Max brought along his best buddy, A.

I shoulda brought along my best hairbrush.

Mini was a Terrible Two to start out with.  In the pumpkin patch, she kept picking up perfectly fine choices then dropping them hard on the ground.  Geez, why is she so picky about her orange gourds?

Turns out, she was just hungry.  Those pumpkins didn’t satisfy like an apple.

Speaking of the word satisfy.  Max said to me about a book he got at the library yesterday on shipwrecks: “This book is really satisfying.”

That cracked me up.  It’s kinda worrisome, too.

Especially since he found the book in the aisle labeled “Disasters” and he was like, “yeah! Disasters!”

You know what’s a potential disaster?  Sending two 2nd grade boys into a corn maze by themselves.

I thought to myself, “you know what?  That may not have been such a brilliant idea.”

Especially since I’m now aware of Max’s dark side.

It didn’t take long to find them, though.  Whew.

It was a good thing we found them quickly.  Mini had to get back to her chores on the farm.

She was really perplexed with that tractor.  Her feet could reach the pedals but she didn’t have the strength to get it to go.

I gave her a ride around the circle but with Mini, it’s not the same if someone else is helping.  She likes to do everything herself nowadays.  Sigh.

The straw barn, however, was much more enjoyable for us both.

And these guys kinda liked it too!

They could’ve played in there all day.

Too bad I didn’t pack a lunch or we coulda stayed later.  Next year we’ll definitely do that.

I love that we get to do this every year!




2 thoughts on “Annual Fall Fun

  1. This is just too sweet… There’s absolutely no question about it. This little sweetheart definitely gets her dose of ‘John Deere’ from Anna for sure… lol 🙂 This took me back some years too; when I remember picking pumpkins. It’s crazy to think about it and then realize just how fast time has flown by!!

  2. Looks like a great day! Don’t you love homeschooling?? We get to do these kinds of things when everyone else is sitting behind a desk!! We are going Monday to our pumpkin patch….

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