Schoolin’ It Tuesday-Style

Max and I had a lunch date while Mini was at Mother’s Day Out.  My camera battery died before I could take a picture of the best Veggie Lovers’ Personal Pan Pizza I’ve ever eaten in my life, but I did get a couple shots in while we did school at the library.

We are beginning our Galloping the Globe curriculum with a visit to China.  I didn’t think we’d begin GTG until the Spring but Max wanted to read this book now so I’m changing up the plans (yay homeschooling!).  His cousin was named after Hudson Taylor, who was a medically-trained missionary from England in the 1800’s.  This book is well-written, action-packed, and not dry in the least.  I admit, reading about missionaries when I was young bored me to tears, but with Max it’s the opposite.  It’s so much fun seeing him engaged in both world history and evangelism in this way.  And I no longer find this stuff boring at all, either.  It’s fascinating (yay homeschooling!)

The chapters take me a half-hour to read, which seems lengthy at home with Mini’s interruptions, but here at the library it was nice and relaxing.  We’re almost finished and I picked up a few more books on China today.  Next up, we’re gonna build ourselves a junk.  What 2nd grader doesn’t want to do that?

This week I love homeschooling!

Max knocked out his workbook work (phonics, math, reading comp, and handwriting) in no time and got to spend a lot of time reading for fun while I did something unimaginable.

I sat for an hour.

Then had pizza with my favorite 8 year old in the world.

It was a great day!


3 thoughts on “Schoolin’ It Tuesday-Style

  1. What a great day! I’m looking forward to having days like this! Today was not so good. Lots of complaining from That Other Kid that he wanted to watch tv or have recess! That’s what happens when mom has to work for 7 months…getting back to reality is TOUGH!!

  2. So glad you and Max were able to have such a fun, relaxing day! (yay homeschooling! and…yay for your cute shoes!) And WOW – can’t wait to see pictures of your junk! 🙂

  3. We have read several of the books from that series, and we have ALL loved them – even the littlest guy! Every one that we have read has made me cry to the point of having to get up and get a tissue/calm down and re-assure the kids that I’m not loosing it . . . but my kids are super interested in missions/missionaries in large part because of these books!

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