Freedom 4/24

I am so proud of this girl.  She was one of our jr. highers, the youngest daughter of our pastor, and has followed wherever God has told her to go.  He led her to Thailand on a missions trip in college that opened her eyes and changed her life forever.  And now she’s doing this.




5 thoughts on “Freedom 4/24

  1. Oh, man! You totally just made me cry.

    Also I have to tell you that the minute I heard “your pastor’s” voice, I was a little “homesick.” One of the things we loved most about your church was the way that family lived their lives – a long-married couple, still passionate about each other (because of God in their marriage) and teaching their children to do what God calls them to do. Amazing!

    Awesome video, even awesome-r ministry! Can’t wait to learn more!

  2. This is awesome – I love this. I love hearing stories of people who are willing to surrender to God and to follow Him wherever He leads – no matter what. He will do such amazing things when we are willing to just obey Him. I’m trying to learn that truth myself right now. You could say it’s a little bit Radical! 🙂

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