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This week has thrown me back into the fast lane.  Activities have started and we are on-the-go and don’t put on the brakes from Sunday morning to Thursday night straight.  I’m teaching Sunday School, turn right around for Jr. High a few hours later, and teach a Safety class at the co-op for 2nd grade on Monday.  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are packed with other activities and running around.

Thankfully, we found room in the budget to put Mini in Mother’s Day Out on Tuesdays, which I think will be a life-saver for me this year!  Since Max is homeschooled it’s a little modification of “my” day out but having one instead of two is a whole lot easier.  A day to do school without interruption is super nice and we are planning to go to the library and have a lunch date each week.

So, how did Mini like going to Mother’s Day Out?  Well…

She seemed excited at first.  We visited the church beforehand so she was somewhat familiar with the building.  But on the first day she ran for the hills of the back seat of the van.  Suddenly it was urgent that she learn how to fasten seat belts all by herself.  A skill that I’m not in a big hurry for her to learn, especially on this particular day.  But I tried to be patient and give her a minute to express her nervousness.

Click, let’s remember this moment as fun.  She’s smiling so it must be fun, right??

It was not easy getting her out of the van.

But we made it to her class and the teachers greeted her with huge smiles but Mini wanted me to stay and play.  I saw that her desire to play was my green light to go and Max and I made a quick getaway.

When we picked her up, there was no doubt she had a great time in her class.  In fact, I hear she thought she was the teacher.  She took care of everyone and made sure they sat where they needed to sit.   That didn’t surprise me in the least!

Yeah, she’s not shy about taking charge!


8 thoughts on “Go

  1. Sometimes busy is good and sometimes it makes you want to curl into a fetal position–hope everything works out smoothly.

    Glad Mini had a fun day at MDO–it’ll be good for her and for your homeschool routine too.

    The pics of Max and Mini together are precious! The big brother-little sister bond is heartwarming.

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