Stories About Jake


Dear Max,

Happy Birthday!  The other day when we were driving up to the retreat it was just you and me in the car.  You were watching Scooby Doo on the portable dvd player in your lap and giving me updates on how close we were to our destination.  You kept your eye on the GPS that Pops loaned us for the trip and every other minute, on those winding country roads, you reported “4.6 miles,” and “3.2 miles!!” and “1.7 miles!!!!”  {okay, I’m really not sure if I just told you I was a crazy driver on the country back roads or not, just take those numbers for narrative blogging purposes only.}

You couldn’t wait to arrive to go camping and fishing for the whole weekend.

Of course, GPS or not, Mom made a wrong turn at the end and we didn’t get there quite as fast as we thought we should.  I don’t think the retreat would’ve been in the middle of the a cornfield, no.  You were a little anxious but we made a 3-point turn and laughed it off as another adventure the two of us found ourselves taking.

We’ve been on a lot of adventures this year.  Since you turned 7 we have ventured to unknown territories like how to cope after a fire, free-falling in terror on a Disney World ride (“I did not like that at all!”),  watching your hysterical mom jump and run from a real live snake in the laundry room (don’t you dare get any ideas!), and falling from the top bunk in the middle of the night, sleeping bag and all, just less than 72 hours ago.  Believe me, I know exactly how many hours it’s been.  You seem to be fine.

But then again.   There was the adventure that happened just last night.  There is never a dull moment around here with you.  After a rowdy ride home from Kung Fu, I gave you specific instructions to head downstairs while I fixed dinner.  Then I heard some kind of crash and some talking followed by a proud announcement that your front tooth was gone.  Sure enough, we found it lying on the stairs where you tripped and fell over Mini’s baby doll stroller.  You were doing some kind of stunt, which I wasn’t too happy about, but got rewarded with the coolest birthday present anyone could think of.  A visit from the Tooth Fairy.

Well, more Legos would technically be cooler.  But you got yourself a story that you can tell for years to come so that counts big-time.

You also got yourself laughing – and me too – at how Mini was following you around with a wad of toilet paper to clean up the blood.

I don’t think we have any doubts who will stick by your side should you knock out any more teeth in the future.

But let’s not do that stunt on the stairs again, okay?

And let’s not knock out any more teeth at all.

Thank you.  And Happy Birthday, bud.



P.S.  I love you forever and ever and ever.  My love for you never ends.  On the good days and the bad days.  Through thick and through thin.  My love for you never ends.


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