Five for Friday

1.  There was a snake in my laundry room.

2.  A real. live. snake.

3.  That fell from a shelf, right past my shoulder, onto the floor.  It slithered.  I screamed.  Max ran to see why.  He said he felt heat near his body.  He dropped his Legos.  He said we should call Animal Control!  I ran upstairs.  Told Max to keep an eye on the snake (I did what?)  I got my camera.  Called Mike.

Are you ready for the picture?

Turn away now if you don’t want to see.

I’m warning you.

It’s scary.  It’s huge.  And it was IN MY LAUNDRY ROOM.

(inserting lines so you can still look away)

(I am your friend)

4.  I’ve never been so glad that Mike answered his phone and said he’d come home as soon as he could.  He was sorta laughing, sorta calming.  His wife was frantic.  The snake, of course, slithered under a large carpet scrap in front of the dryer and was nowhere to be seen.

5.  Meanwhile, the excitement was building in Max.  Daddy was coming home and they were gunna go on a snake hunt!

They got it!  And hecks yeah, it was one huge snake!


11 thoughts on “Five for Friday

  1. Glad you got it on camera! Glad Mike was able ot come home so quickly to take care of the snake! Glad that Max got to have an adventure! Glad you are still alive to tell the story!! Never a dull moment, huh???

    1. I think it was a juvenile black rat snake. The homeschooler in me wanted to find out but I couldn’t spend too much time looking at different images on the web. Ew. These kinds of snakes are harmless and common around here. My fear is, where there’s a juvenile does that mean there might be a momma?? I don’t know and I don’t want to even think about it!!!

  2. If you think that snake is big, Punkin has a story for you about the snake that freaked her out in our back yard. (It was a bull snake and probably 5 feet long and 3 inches diameter.) It took her a solid 2 hours to stop shaking.

    I’m glad Mike was able to come home!!! Snakes in the house are never a good thing!!

  3. I think it’s the surprise factor involved with snakes mixed with general fear (even of the harmless ones) that do me in. It’s not like one’s ever reared back and hissed at me like in the movies, but I always expect them to. The one I’ve come across are always just hanging out, resting but they still frighten me.

    So proud of you documenting your adventure in photos and detailed description. 🙂 Hooray too for Mike coming home to take care (relocate?) of your visitor.


  4. ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! I’m ok with snakes as long as they are LITTLE and I know they won’t bite me. Big ones? Not so much. And I’m with you – if there’s one, does that mean there are more? Ewww!

  5. It fell off your shelf and just past your shoulder?!?!?! It’s one thing to see it on the floor and a whole different thing to have it fall near you – EEK!

    That’s crazy – so glad Mike could come home for you!

    (Have you seen my post from today – it’s the day of icky things in our house around here – EEK!)

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