First of the Second

Today was our first day of the new school year.  Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the new 2nd grader in the house!

And to his left, your right, is good ol’ Freddy.

After a great morning of school, with only one Stand-on-the-chair-and-look-at-the-chaos-with-humor-or-else moment, we celebrated our first day with donuts at 11:45 a.m.

It seemed a bit odd to have a donut run right before lunch, but a donut was Max’s only request and I wanted to make the day special.

We bought a half-dozen.  3 donuts would have cost $2.85 plus tax.  6 donuts cost $3.99.  I mean, that’s a no-brainer, right (oh, sorry Freddy).  Sure, I’m trying to lose these 5 pounds (again).  Sure, I could stand up to the temptation of a Dunkin Donuts box in my kitchen all day.  Sure.

I like to think I did it for Freddy.  I thought he could use something to eat.

But I ended up eating two donuts since he didn’t seem to have the stomach for them.

Har har har.

Don’t I make a pretty good 2nd grade teacher? 🙂


5 thoughts on “First of the Second

  1. You tease! We have a rule that once a month the kids get to pick something when we go grocery shopping. It has to be approved by mom but is something not on our list. In the past it was usually fruit snacks but last month mom said no more. So this month we were at the health food store and more than once I’ve contemplated getting some gluten free donuts but they’re $6 for a half dozen. I did finally realize normal donuts can be $.70+ each so had nearly justified their purchase. But my sweet kids decided this month their choice (combined into one) would be GF donuts! Its been 2 years since I’ve had a donut and mercy it was YUMMY! But now we have four left in the freezer and I “can’t” eat them without the kids…so thanks for the reminder of what I have waiting for me in the freezer!

    Good luck this year Max!

  2. Max (and Freddy) obviously love 2nd grade already–who doesn’t love a doughnut (or two)?

    I’m sure it’s going to be an exciting year full of new things to learn and do!

  3. I can’t actually open the snake post to comment on it because if I did I’d have nightmares for a week! I read it in my reader and closed my eyes to scroll past the pictures. It FELL? From a shelf? How did it get there? I need more story, less photos. I don’t know how you kept it together. I’ve often said that running across a live snake – ANY SNAKE – would kill me. Wouldn’t have to bite me or anything. IF IT FELL OFF A SHELF IN MY LAUNDRY ROOM? I will tell you right now that I’d be cold dead before it ever hit the floor. I’m proud of you for surviving. ACK!

  4. Happy New school year! I have not been reading blogs much lately so I enjoyed catching up with you!!! 🙂 Can our kids really be in 2nd grade?!!?!? I am still in shock!!!

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