So His Name Was Earl?

Hurricane Earl was talked about on TV but we lucked out and avoided meeting him in person.  We drove down to Hilton Head, SC, last Monday to blue skies and didn’t feel a drop of rain all week.  It was the best weather we’ve ever had at the beach.

We had so much fun and the week went by too fast.  It was the perfect way to spend the last week of summer before the start of another homeschool year.  The kids did great and loved every minute no matter what we were doing.

If he wasn’t at the beach or the pool, Max had a few new Lego sets to build (yes, a few!) and afternoons in front of the TV so he was happy.  Mini had her blankets, Bunnies, and a lot of people to entertain, so she was happy.  I had a ton of help, lots of great conversation, and guilt-free vacation-excused eating so I was happy.  And Mike had some great waves so he was happy.

We had to be careful with Max and remind him not to go out too far (because of the undertow from Earl) but the boogie boarding was pretty good, if he could just be patient enough to catch the next wave.

Sometimes his patience ran out and he found other ways to entertain himself.

You can’t underestimate the fun of a simple sand bucket.

The dumping-over-the-head game caught on fast.

I was thankful to be the one with the holding-the-camera excuse.

That’s the place where we stayed.  I know!  The views from the condo were amazing.

The beach wasn’t crowded and although I wouldn’t describe the ocean as “quiet” in any sense, it felt so peaceful here.  A few times I sat down with a Nicholas Sparks book, kicked back, and enjoyed the scenery.

So, yeah.  To wrap it up:

Great vacation.

Earl, who?

Ate whatever I wanted.

Back to reality.  Back to MyPlate (I gained 5 pounds!), and back to school tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “So His Name Was Earl?

  1. Beautiful photos! What a great vacation. Glad Earl decided to take a detour. You look beautiful and skinny and fit! Love the pic with the bucket up in the air. And….LOVE pretzel m&m’s! 🙂

  2. Ooooooh, I miss it. I’m having a hard time getting back into the routine of real life. It was soooo nice. Love the action shots! What a goof 🙂

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